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Please select from the following plans eligible for the propane credit and gift card promotion. Eligible customers enrolling can receive up to $50 as a Visa cash card. In order to receive you enrollment bonus, simply print out and fill in the Bonus Form and send it in to Discount Power along with a copy of your first utility bill with Discount Power, Inc. listed as your supplier. Usage requirements apply, see terms on the Bonus Form

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State Eligibility Plan Type Rate Term
MAAll CustomersFixed10¢12 Months100DP6Select
MAAll CustomersFixed10.4¢12 Months100NSTAR 104Select
MAAll CustomersFixed10.5¢12 Months0.02 per kwhWMECO 105Select
MAAll CustomersFixed11.5¢12 Months0.02 per kwhDP9Select
MAAll CustomersFixed11.5¢12 Months0.02 per kwhNSTAR 1150000Select
OHAll CustomersFixed6.4¢12 Months25DB05Select
PAAll CustomersVariable6.49¢1 Month0DPI 649-1Select
OHAll CustomersFixed6.7¢12 Months0.02 per kwhDB08Select
PAAll CustomersFixed6.89¢3 Months25DPI 689Select
PAAll CustomersFixed6.89¢3 Months25PPL 689-3Select
PAAll CustomersVariable6.99¢1 Month0PPL INTRO 699-1Select
CTAll CustomersFixed6 Months0CLP094Select
CTAll CustomersFixed6 Months0UI094Select
PAAll CustomersVariable7.49¢1 Month0PECO INTRO 749-1Select
PAAll CustomersFixed7.59¢12 Months100DPI 759Select
CTAll CustomersFixed7.6¢12 Months50UI055Select
CTAll CustomersFixed7.6¢6 Months0.02 per kwhUI139Select
CTAll CustomersFixed7.6¢6 Months0.02 per kwhCLP139Select
CTAll CustomersFixed7.6¢12 Months50CLP055Select
PAAll CustomersFixed7.89¢3 Months25PECO 789-3Select
PAAll CustomersFixed7.99¢12 Months0.02 per kwhPECO 799-12Select
MAAll CustomersVariable1 Month0WMECO 080-1Select
MAAll CustomersVariable1 Month0DP2-1Select
MAAll CustomersVariable1 Month0NSTAR 800000-1Select
PAAll CustomersFixed8.29¢12 Months0.02 per kwhDPI 829Select
PAAll CustomersFixed8.49¢12 Months100PPL 849-12Select
CTAll CustomersFixed8.54¢12 Months0.02 per kwhUI017Select
CTAll CustomersFixed8.54¢12 Months0.02 per kwhCLP017Select
MAAll CustomersFixed8.7¢6 Months0WMECO 087Select
PAAll CustomersFixed8.99¢12 Months0.02 per kwhPPL 899-12Select
PAAll CustomersFixed8.99¢12 Months100PECO 899-12Select
CTHocon CustomersFixed12 Months50UI031Select
CTHocon CustomersFixed12 Months50CLP031Select
MAAll CustomersFixed9.5¢6 Months0DP5Select
MAAll CustomersFixed9.5¢12 Months100WMECO 095Select
MAAll CustomersFixed9.5¢6 Months0NSTAR 950000Select
CTRT Rate ClassTime of Use18.9¢ On-Peak
12.9¢ Off-Peak
12 Months50UI214Select

Note: This plan has a $ early termination fee.

If your monthly usage is greater than 10,000 kWh per month, please contact us at for pricing.

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Please note, due to scheduling restrictions of your utility company, it may take 1-2 billing cycles to complete your enrollment and begin your supply service with Discount Power. Also note that if you selected a fixed rate plan, early termination fees may apply.

You will receive a confirmation notice from your utility and have 7 business days from the date of the notice to rescind the selection by contacting the utility orally or in writing.

You have the right to rescind (cancel without penalty) this agreement prior to midnight of the third business day after you completed the online enrollment. To rescind your enrollment, please contact your utility company or Discount Power directly.

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See our Historic Variable Rates.

If you are currently a Basic Service Fixed rate customer, up to six months of your past billing will be recalculated to reflect the month-to-month Basic Service Rate, which may result in either a credit or debt.


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